My Hobby Projects

Recent Projects
Android utilities Call Waiting Enabler, LMT Email SMS Conversation and Airplane Mode Helper, as well as some articles on Android can be found on this site. Development of Android system utilities and ROM modifications (mainly for Linux part of Android) is one of my recent spare time activities. Additionally some IT security related projects are available on this site.

Seconfig XP
Seconfig XP is a freeware security configuration utility for Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003. Its website is also home of my other Windows tools - WDevSec, DelAny, TCPline, StaleDel and BreakPE, as well as some articles and other info. Seconfig XP, its website and other software on that site were mostly created in 2006 and maintained till 2007.

Other projects

There are many small projects/things I have made in my spare time. Some of them can be found on my GitHub.